Tuition will be due the first week of the month.  Payments may be made at the school or online.  We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.  A $5.00 late fee will be charged to your account if payment is not made within the first week.  In the event of a returned check, a $25.00 fee will be posted to your account. 

1/2 hour Class$20.00/per month
1 Hour Class$40.00/per month
1.5 Hour Class$57.00/per month
2 Hour Class$75.00/per month
2.5 Hour Class$91.00/per month
3 Hour Class$108.00/per month
3.5 Hour Class$125.00/per month
4 Hour Class$142.00/per month
4.5 Hour Class$159.00/per month
5 Hour Class$176.00/per month
Unlimited $193.00/per month
Solo$75.00/per month
Duet$50.00/per month

Discounts- 10% Discount offered if group classes are paid in full at the beginning of the year. There will be a 5% discount offered if group classes are paid 6 months in advance at the beginning of the year. 

Costumes- Deposit of $70 per hour class 

Registration- There is a registration fee of $15.00 for Recreational Students and $25.00 for Competitive Students



Missed Classes- If a group class is missed, the opportunity to make up the class will be offered. Payment will resume for missed classes unless special circumstances occur which will be determined by the instructor. If 24-hour notice is received, a solo/duo/trio class can be rescheduled at the instructor's discretion.. If there is no notice for a missed lesson, payment will be expected. Notification of an illness or missed class would be appreciated. In the event a student decides to discontinue classes, notification must be given immediately. Otherwise the account will be billed until notification is given

Weather/Cancelled Classes- In the event of a class needing to be cancelled due to the weather, an e-mail will be sent to the account holder as well as an update on Facebook which displays on this website. If for any other reason a class is cancelled, each student will be notified in advance.


                                                                                             Throughout the year, dancers have the opportunity to participate in studio events. In the past, we have performed Holiday Shows at the Willow Point Nursing Home in Vestal and the American Legion to accompany the Booster Club Holiday Tea. Dancescapes also participates in the Johnson City Holiday Parade. At the end of the year, a recital is performed to highlight what the students have learned in class. 

Celebrating Life Through Dance