2013-2014 Booster Club $100 Tuition Scholarship Winners.

Kayla Tesar 

Julia Maher

Tia Dimitriou

Sophia Terry

Alexa Fiacco

Anna Regulski

Amy Collins

Samara Cole

Madison Hauer

Erin Cherry

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The Dancescapes Booster Club is a non-profit organization that raises money to help deter the cost of dance.  Every dance family has the opportunity to participate in on or all of the fundraising events, with a percentage of the proceeds going into their account.  Each year, the Booster Club organizes a variety of fundraising events.  All proceeds go directly to those who participate in the events.  To date, the Booster Club has been extremely successful in raising money for over 75% of our dancing families!  There is a one time yearly fee of $5.00/family to join.  Registration forms are available at the front desk.  The Booster club is cash only.  Please feel free to contact the Booster club with any questions at Dancescapesbc@aol.com  . 

Celebrating Life Through Dance

Current Fundraising Information

Save Around Books- $25.00/ea.

Upcoming Fundraisers

Yankee Candle

Gertrude Hawk